When you elect to have surgery for your bunion , you should be prepared for a routine, outpatient surgery. For your bunion surgery, your foot doctor will make an incision near the joint of your big toe where the bunion is causing pain Your doctor will usually need to remove or realign the tissue that has formed as a result of your bunion in order to better align your toe. In some cases, your foot doctor will place wires or screws in order to align your foot. Bunion surgery will take about an hour or longer depending on your condition, but it is usually an outpatient procedure. Bunions are common foot deformities that affect 1% of the population. Bunions are officially known as hallux valgus deformities. This means that there is a bump on the inner side of the foot at the base of big toe because the bones in the foot are not aligned properly. Hallux valgus deformities are quite painful and should be evaluated by a podiatrist to see if the deformity should be corrected by surgery or with special orthopedic shoes or orthotic devices. RICE! For foot pain , rest, elevate and ice your feet. Ask your doctor if it is safe for you to take an anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Relief for bunion pain can be attained by wearing wide fitting shoes, wherein the leather upper will allow a stretch. One should avoid wearing high-heeled shoes. Soft shoes will make your toe feel better and will relieve you off continual pain. Moreover, special shoes are also made to relieve pain associated with bunions. For a quick and temporary relief for bunion pain, try soaking your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. The warm heat provides a soothing effect to the foot. You can even add epsom salts, herbal sachets or other comfort measures into the water. Placing your foot in a whirlpool bath will also be quite relieving.bunion pain from running These equipments can treat a number of foot problems ranging from heel pain , bunion pain , heel spurs to Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Morton's Neuron and Ball of Foot Pain Since your feet bears the whole pressure of your body, you should take proper care of it. Going for orthotics is therefore the best option. About the Author If pain and disability become too difficult to live with, surgery may be required. Bunion surgery usually results in significant reduction in pain and an improvement in appearance, but wearing shoes that are too small or tight can cause bunions to recur, the AAOS warns. Dressing Care  - After surgery, you will have bandages holding your toe in position. Also, you will wear a special surgical shoe or cast to protect your foot. The sutures are removed approximately two weeks after the procedure. To allow proper healing, you should keep your dressings dry and clean. The doctor will advise you on changing the bandages. Swelling and Shoe Wear  - You should keep your foot elevated for the first week following surgery, and ice is recommended to relieve pain and swelling. Expect your foot to have swelling for about six months. Also, a less of the commonly known bunion could be seen near the joint base part of your smallest of the toe or the fifth toe and this kind of bunion problems has also many a time referred to be like the tailor's bunion or the other bunionette. But this would not be as painful as its counterpart bunion is and would also very easy to be treated for providing you the fastest of relief in your life. But getting or developing any kind of the bunion is always very dangerous and painful in left untreated for long.